End-to-end application development in the cloud

Work faster at higher level
Speed discovery of what works, what doesn’t and why through quick reflection on design decisions

Build custom solutions with proven practices and tools

Use application frameworks to build native solutions for multiple platforms. Use all your experience and programming skills to work even faster at a higher level, using automation with choice. Work with design patterns (DDD+MVC+TDD) in a disciplined and automated manner, to avoid spending time in finding custom solutions that results eventually in less maintainable code.

Start with deciding the architectural style (SOA, Layered, N-tier) for your app from many architecture design options
Create responsive and native user interfaces using the MVC design pattern
Experience the benefits of automated devops cycles including typical production activities such as pull / push and commit changes, continuous integration, compile, integrate, build and test your apps in the clou
Build holistic cloud applications that run on-premises, in the cloud or both in “hybrid” solutions.





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